Film-making was never a one-man job. The cinematographer or the photography director has different roles sorted out. Being a good cinematographer is a highly specialized and skilled activity. Good cinematographers are an asset to the film industry. For that, you need to get the basics right. First things first, choosing the right medium of training or the right institute is one heck of a job. If you get your basics right, then there is no turning back. Good cinematographers are dime a dozen. If you are looking to make a career in the reel life, you can begin by joining a film institute here in Kolkata. Looking for the best Cinematography course in Kolkata? Film and fine arts institute has got it all to train students to turn them into a pro.

Learn the craft

It all begins by learning the art of cinematography. Thus choosing the right institute is very crucial. We at ‘Film and Fine Arts’ provide excellent training and placement facilities to candidates who are enrolled with us or chosen to master the art of cinematography through us.

cinematography course

Curriculum Structure

The first year is the key as it has all the foundation courses and your chance to learn and master the art of cinematography. You learn about editing, direction, production, camera, art and design from the group up to advanced level.

At the end of the final year, students might have to do a project that covers the entire gamut of a short film, music video or documentary.  We at film and fine arts institute, train students rigorously to become a full-fledged director of photography equipped for all.

Nature of the training

Students at film and fine arts institute are taught how to work in a team. Students contribute to projects in crews as directors and cinematographers buddy up to make something creative.

Film and fine arts institute charges you a lump sum amount of Rs.30, 000 with 6 months of intensive training. Classes will be held on the weekends or as per your convenience. We are undoubtedly one of the best Cinematography course in Kolkata.

The captain of the ship is what a director of a motion picture is reckoned with. He holds accountability and responsibility for his film. All departments are finally supervised by the director. Do you see yourself in this designation in the future?  Well then you need to learn how to direct. Directing departments as acting, cinematography, editing, scriptwriting, photography   and possibly all departments those work on crafting a movie. To do so, it necessitates for knowing the medium well enough. Think that you don’t know what is good acting and what is bad acting then how you make actors to act as you want them to. So learn it hard. Now good institutes can make your learning a bit easier though. No, not all institutes can cater to the demands and needs of this hard subject established around. So make a wise choice to make your aspirations come true finding the best in the market. Institutes equipped with latest technologies, gadgets, learned faculties and industry set standards supplies on your demands. One of such in the market is International Institute of Film and Fine Arts where all provisions of the medium join hands. Why would one actually aspire to be a director when it is that hard? Well it seems hard, but not when you behold the promising hands of such an institute. A director’s medium is what film is generally popularized by amongst film goers and enthusiasts. Hence a director needs to be trained with all facets of film making, from the aesthetical sense to the core technical parts of the subject.

Industries of film needs directors all worldwide, I mean to say good directors who can really fulfill the craving demands of the medium itself, right from its popularity to its questioning of all ideas existing socially, politically and who knows this list might not find an end. So, the fraternity of would be directors raise your hands in praise of the medium, the art of film making and learn it well enough if you opt to make a career out of it.

Few reasons why people choose to make a career as a film director:

  • A job and designation respected by all.
  • Good income and a creative life.
  • Capable of reaching to a mass with a vision.
  • Working with all possible art mediums.
  • For the sake of the passion and love for the form of art.
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Do you love to cut things all around? Just joking, do you know what an editor really does to the footages those he is handed over after the production phase of a film gets done? Yes, he cuts! No it’s not that he wants to destroy those, but then he gently puts them together joining the wanted and disseminating the unwanted into trash. Does this seem brutal? Hold on folks, it might be a wrong perception. This is his job and without whom the director would not have shot the film in the particular manner as he has already done. Well beside cutting and joining an editor is expected to do much more things when he sits on the edit table. With his aesthetic sense of film he must find what the director is trying to convey in the film to be made and then with his technical knowing of today’s non-linear process and software he turns the vision of the director finally implemented. Guess what, that’s not an easy job for sure and it needs good understanding of all the departments in filmmaking as such cinematography, direction, acting, photography and script writing. So an editor should be a good student of the medium first. But wait how do a student find the best way for learning? He must find an institute equipped with all the necessary stuffs required like latest computers, software and most importantly highly efficient faculties. These all features can make a student’s learning possible at the utmost level. One of such is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts. Here in this institute important sessions among all the departments of film making are held frequently, where students get to know and understand the applications of each and every department and their feasibility both technically and aesthetically. However, the job of an editor gets easier when he understands the other provisions and things related to film making. So, you should understand that how important is the job of an editor in his contribution to a film.

Here are few reasons why people nowadays crave for a course and career in editing:

  • Good income and a promising future.
  • Sit and work in an air-conditioned editing room.
  • A creative life contributing to film.
  • Those who crave to work in computer it’s the one kind of it.
  • Passion for the job itself turns into reality.
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Capturing sweet moments in a frame of a camera, isn’t it a wonderful thing bringing all important memories back. It is real joy navigating the path of past through the composition of the photo, that you see before your eyes. Wait now you might get stuck into the word composition. What in the hell it is all about? This is why you should try on learning what you love enjoying.  Keeping it simple folks, it’s a term associated with photography. Understanding of such terms and learning how to click the best shot possible with your subject or object, will add more aesthetical values in the hunting of memories when you sit back watching the photo in future. This might have brought you an idea of what you have in store to cherish. Just not simply for one’s personal pleasure, in fact photography is one of such profession that has sky as its limits to touch. Now to achieve such dream in reality one surely needs to learn the medium well enough. One of such institute is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts that caters to such courses as photography along with film oriented courses like direction, cinematography, editing, acting, script writing and so on. Here in this institute photo sessions are held quiet frequently both indoor and outdoor using professional lights and other fixtures those are required for photo shoots. These types of practical sessions under the guidance of well efficient faculties help the students grow as a photographer and learn the aesthetical essence and values of photography as well. Students on learning, gets boosted up with self- confidence and belief, participating in photo exhibitions, fares etc. Along with photography, learning Adobe Photoshop is a must for aspiring photographers. Well this institute has the Photoshop program hundred percent complementary with the course of photography.

Few reasons why numerous people take up learning photography and make it a profession:

  • It is a high level of art form.
  • High income by means of exhibitions etc.
  • Dynamic choice of specializations to opt for making one a master in that particular field of interest like fashion, sports, wildlife, nature, travel, candid, astronomy, and so on.
  • Adds values to every snap that you capture.
  • One could become a creative pre wedding and wedding photographer as well.
  • For the sake of passion and love one has for the medium of art itself.
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Can you write a script for my film? Well, you may have been asked this quite often in case you are capable of writing some creative stuff like novels, stories, poems, dramas, etc. In that case, did you get any second thoughts running down your mind like, ‘ah maybe or maybe not’? And guess what, you step down from an opportunity. Ok, it’s justified well enough for that it may not have been a good gesture on accepting that offer when you are not sure to do justice with the script. That’s cool enough as perhaps even the greatest musicians around may not have equally mastered all musical instruments available on the planet. But you feel like if ‘I could do so’? That’s great, institutions and schools are there to help you learn all about script writing. It’s a process of knowing the grammar and form of the medium well, to be able to come up with a good script from any source available. Script lays the base of a film and thus needs strong roothold, thus capable of mounting the whole film on its back and keeping it erect. And as you know, that good scripts are graciously accepted as there is a lot of demand in the film industries for it. As because script writing is one such a medium which is the sole of film making, it is required for a scriptwriter to know all other departments of the film and how do they all complement a script and vice-versa. These include acting, directing, cinematography, editing, photography and so on. One of such good institutes in the market ready to offer you a comprehensive course on script writing is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts, where you get to know all aspects of the subject in detail. Moreover, students of all departments in this institute come up together with important sessions where they get to understand the applications and essence of each other both aesthetically and practically.

Here are a few reasons why people choose to study scriptwriting and take up the same as a profession as well:

  • It is a high form of art.
  • A creative life with high income.
  • The good script gets rewarded in award functions which give the writer recognition.
  • Huge demand in the market for good scripts.
  • For the passion and love towards writing.
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‘So you think you can act’? If so, then why waste any time, and give it your best shot. But for a second don’t you think that actors need to be trained. If yes, then there is a way out here. It is not just merely some talent that an actor possess that can single-handedly break the shackles. Getting prepared with proper acting knowledge equips an actor with skills in achieving great results. Yes, an institute is the right place to learn all the required stuff. So then, which institute would you consider going to? Where it might be located? How well can the institute train you? Yes these questions may come up fast now and guess what, finding a good film institute is not that easy. Now then, where would you wander around looking for the right film institute? Don’t you worry, as you are at the home of tollywood in the city of Kolkata? We here at ‘INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FILM AND FINE ARTS’ can put your search to an end and help you chase your dream. Quickly grab your seats today.

Learning how to act? Acting in front of the camera needs a good knowledge of both aesthetics and techniques. You need to know in which position, angle and distance the camera is on.  You do need to know, where is the light source, thus making an actor visible to the camera. You need to understand the cutting or editing point of your character’s dialogue and a whole lot of other things, before they are prepared to step into the world of acting. Well this institute comes up with all the courses related to film-making, including direction, cinematography, editing, script-writing, photography and acting. No, it’s not that one needs to enroll in all these courses to become an actor, but he really needs to understand the essence of it and how all these departments compliments an actor and vice- versa. So don’t worry, you are only required to avail the acting course here. Students of all department here frequently gets together to come up with important sessions where they meet and understand the theoretical and practical essence of one another along with learning in your own field of interest. Keep in mind the following pointers:

1) Without learning properly one might find it really hard to sustain in this massive competitive field.

2) After learning from a proper institute one gets self- confidence and knows exactly what he or she should be doing.

3) Producer or director likes to hire actors having good knowledge of the medium they need not waste much time in mugging up or preparing the actors on the very shooting set.

4) Once you are established as a professional actor you could easily earn good amount of money and live an exotic life.

5) Good institutes will help students by showing the way in achieving their dreams.

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Cinematography course

If you are new to this film and fine arts profession, then chances are you will have to begin from scratch. Most newcomers lack definite skills and other things that are much needed to gain an upper hand or experience in this industry. Certain factors such as very high course fees and the opportunity after completing the course. But when you come to us, it’s a whole different story. The course fees of the institute are 1/10th of the other course fee institutes. Our state of the art production house cum institute helps us make telefilms, documentaries, feature films, ad films, and music videos. We also offer various live projects to our students. Students are known to participate in classes that are practical classes. We also fully equipped technical support including camera, lights, and action.

We appoint efficient faculties who have the right qualifications and proper teaching skills. With their skill, they can reach greater heights and finally we provide them with placement assistance that many just promises to deliver, but fail in the process. Thus we have our own placement cell, that helps students in the development of their career as a media professional. We have our goldeneye production, that provides students with the opportunity to develop their career as a media professional. We are responsible for shaping the future of many kids with a knack of doing cinematography courses in Kolkata.

Cinematography courses from the ‘film and fine arts institute would cost you a total of about 30,000/-. Classes will be held only on the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays for a period of 6 months. There are 3 semesters in total to complete the whole course curriculum. They teach you different film making concepts, fiction, non-fiction, and doc-feature. They also teach you about different camera angles and basic shots. If you are looking for a Professional Cinematography Course in Kolkata, you might want to visit us at Film and fine arts institute located in Bansdroni Kolkata.

Our session starts from April and goes on till October month. Minimum eligibility for all courses is Madhyamik Class 10. You can provide tuition fees through easy installments. The first installment should be paid in lump sum amount during the time of admission. For a free demo, come to our professional film and acting school in Bansdroni, Kolkata. Apart from the acting course, we also provide courses like cinematography, photography, direction, script writing, editing, and videography. Our cinematography course in Kolkata is the best of its kind. Looking for a website that can create wonders with your directing and acting career, we can help you.

Professional Photography Course

Being able to capture a spectacular image is truly an art of itself. While most are a novice in this profession, there are only a few who have mastered the art of photography. This could earn you your bread and butter. But then again, if you are a beginner and this is your sole passion, getting into photography school might be your best bet. There are many institutions that offer photography programs as they have practical uses too. At the end of the day, practical knowledge matters more than theoretical sessions and that what counts. Because you will be out there working on the field as practical work experience is necessary. You will learn a whole gamut of photography courses in the visual field including the following:-

Aerial, adventure/action, wildlife and nature, architecture, artistic, still life, space, black and white, commercial, event,  documentary, underwater, travel and scientific.

Looking to turn your hobby into a career, then do it with a photography course in Kolkata from film and fine arts institute. Film and fine arts is a great institute, where we turn dreams into reality as you will regret joining this institute. Photography might be a great option if you are already over the 9-5 daily grind. You could turn it into your hobby and later on master the art of photography gradually as you grow with it. So the bottom line is if you are unhappy with your day job, and photography really inspires you, that’s the way that you should probably walk on. So why not choose a career in photography. You should do what you love and take the first step, towards learning of photography.

Personal cameras in the market have truly made photography a popular hobby. With this traditional photography course in Kolkata, you will learn about light and gain knowledge in fundamental of the lens. If you already dealt with the basics, you can decide if you wanna keep this as a hobby or pursue it as your career path. You must have your basics rights, that will determine if you are a good prospect of photography.

Here at film and fine arts institute, we provide you with rigorous training and in-depth analysis. There are a total of 3 semesters. In the first semester, you get to know about the history of photography, development of the camera, basic photography, various aspects of the camera including shutter speed, aperture and much more.

In the second semester, you will have to work harder on general assignments. This mostly consists of different forms of photography and learning more about them. Different forms of photography include travel and landscaping, wildlife photography, still photography and many more. In the final semester, you get to know about film language and film making with DSLR. At the end of the final semester, you will probably reach from a novice level to an expert. As photography course can only help you build a base and provide you with only the basic knowledge, it’s you who have to get up the learning curve and gather experience to become a good and an efficient photographer.


One does need some caliber in establishing a career as a good cinematographer. Here is where a film school comes into play. A great film school comes up with provisions where you can learn skills like Acting, Directing, Script-writing, Editing, Photography and Cinematography with exposure of its students in each and every aspect of the courses both theoretically and practically. Cinematography, a course being rooted with both aesthetical and technical strings, one needs to know all its facets to become a good cinematographer.

Here are 4 different reasons why students are hell-bent on choosing a cinematography course as their major:-

  1. If you have chosen cinematography as a career, apart from learning and developing new skills by watching other cinematographers or going to a film school is worth every penny. Having a relevant certificate in cinematography can help you enhance your career in a big way. You should already know the fact that few of the best cinematographers in this industry have relevant certificates from certified institutions.Best cinematography course
  2. Life of a good cinematographer is very rewarding and fulfilling. You might be in huge demand amongst viewers in the future. The job comes along with lots of perks and fame. So if you are looking for both, let me tell you, the money is good and chances are that you may earn fame within a few years time. Cinematographers could be eligible for awards as well. That’s like adding yet another feather to the cap. They will have the opportunity to interact with great cinematographers and filmmakers.
  3. Cinematographers enjoy a very stable career that is known to increase by 11% from 2008 to 2018. Although there is competition, the prospects are very good indeed. It is one of the most popular majors in most colleges. Thus it is very competitive in nature. Long hours and late night works must not bother you if you are a true professional and are passionate about work.
  4. Cinematography is a very rewarding career where salary depends upon the experience and the efficiency of your work. Cinematographers tend to make more such money working with motion pictures, apart from working in the television industry.

Thus many people choose to work in the film industry and go to a film making school that helps them gain an edge over others.

Kolkata has been a town for cinemas and home to few of the most celebrated paragons like Satyajit Ray or Mrinal ray. Being considered a cultural capital of this country, Kolkata still lives and breathes theater performances. Before you win a role in one of these film or theater productions, you need to go through the rigorous training of acting and learn acting skills and brush up on those skills before you head out to the acting arena.

Film and fine arts bring to you an industry-oriented and exclusive curriculum that involves a very methodical and well-established way of training for film and acting. The main goal of this course is to transform newbies who are unsure of their careers and are looking for a miracle that will transform their lives for good, and also help them become self-aware. Our acting course is carefully crafted to impart technical knowledge on the students who are willing to move their career up by a notch. This film and the acting course will help you transform your career drastically and turn you into a confident, dashing and eloquent self who can take up challenges and move ahead in the film and art career.

The variants of this course are based on a particular curriculum. There are a total of 3 semesters to be completed before you could actually call yourself an actor. Acting schools are probably your best bet from turning yourself from a novice to a fully professional actor. Our course fee is twenty thousand with a 6 months duration. Classes will be held every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays since as students can learn at their own pace.

Acting Course

The last semester includes a huge chunk of theory material that needs to be grasped and practical projects that include acting in smaller roles. We are dedicated to the idea of providing any kind of local talent that there may be out there in the market. With proper hands-on training in some of the core disciplines of acting and film making, you can turn them into pros. We have a pool of extraordinary faculty who has years of experience in the film industry and those who can impart knowledge on this curriculum for film and acting training.

We like to combine professionalism and passion. The main goal of our acting course is to assist students and performers to be comfortable and confident with the skills that are required by an actor in today’s competitive world to secure regular and quality acting works. Our acting course includes theory and practical courses including acting, anchoring, and grooming. Once the course is completed, students have to prepare for practical projects and theory exams. You get to learn more about the history of acting, learn basic acting skills and other various voice modulation techniques.

For a free demo, come to our professional film and acting school in Bansdroni, Kolkata. Apart from the acting course, we also provide courses like cinematography, photography, direction, script writing, editing, and videography.