Best Acting Course in Kolkata That Will Turn You into A Pro!

Kolkata has been a town for cinemas and home to few of the most celebrated paragons like a Satyajit Ray or Mrinal Ray. Being considered a cultural capital of this country, Kolkata still lives and breathes theater performances. Before you win a role in one of these film or theater productions, you need to go through the rigorous training of acting and learn acting skills and brush up on those skills before you head out to the acting arena.

Film and fine arts bring to you an industry-oriented and exclusive curriculum that involves a very methodical and well-established way of training for film and acting. The main goal of this course is to transform newbies who are unsure of their careers and are looking for a miracle that will transform their lives for good, and also help them become self-aware. Our acting course is carefully crafted to impart technical knowledge on the students who are willing to move their career up by a notch. This film and the acting course will help you transform your career drastically and turn you into a confident, dashing and eloquent self who can take up challenges and move ahead in the film and art career.

The variants of this course are based on a particular curriculum. There are a total of 3 semesters to be completed before you could actually call yourself an actor. Acting schools are probably your best bet from turning yourself from a novice to a fully professional actor. Our course fees are twenty thousand with a 6 months duration. Classes will be held every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays since as students can learn at their own pace.

Acting Course

The last semester includes a huge chunk of theory material that needs to be grasped and practical projects that include acting in smaller roles. We are dedicated to the idea of providing any kind of local talent that there may be out there in the market. With proper hands-on training in some of the core disciplines of acting and film making, you can turn them into pros. We have a pool of extraordinary faculty who has years of experience in the film industry and those who can impart knowledge on this curriculum for film and acting training.

We like to combine professionalism and passion. The main goal of our acting course is to assist students and performers to be comfortable and confident with the skills that are required by an actor in today’s competitive world to secure regular and quality acting works. Our acting course includes theory and practical courses including acting, anchoring, and grooming. Once the course is completed, students have to prepare for practical projects and theory exams. You get to learn more about the history of acting, learn basic acting skills and other various voice modulation techniques.


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