Liability Towards the Producer

A film has certain liabilities to pay and the director mostly holds the responsibility. Liability of satisfying the audiences who come to the theatre purchasing a ticket to watch the movie, liability towards the rich history of film and its legacy in a country like India, liability towards the society and the mass for a voice of revolution, protest, etc. liability towards the rich art form that cinema is and has evolved into throughout many years and most importantly liability towards the producer of the film who raised his money to make the film. Many other liabilities are there as the film gets to reach the masses and are sometimes made for a target audience or may have been made be for all! Among all these, perhaps the most important one is the liability towards the producer. This is because the film would not have probably been ever made in reality if there was no producer to invest in the project. A producer is a person who invests money to make the film in order to earn a profit. Money that he invests gets to be initiated in phases of the film from pre-production, production, and post-production. It is quite true that in many cases the producer just takes into invest money and earns from it but refraining himself from all other activities related to the film, whereas some producers themselves happen to stay involved in the film throughout all the phases. Whatever the case may be, the director who is hired by the producer to make the film is responsible to create the film in such a way that the producer can earn profits and should not incur any loss. Once a producer incurs losses he may not be interested to work with the same director any further, which is not at all any director would want. So it is required for the director to do the best as possible in making the film profitable for the producer.

Being able to do so and in all films requires the director to be efficient, skillful and knowledgeable. Learning the medium of film is thus very much important for the aspirants who want to enter the world of film and make a successful career in it. Film institutes are the places, where one can learn courses related to the film. One such institute is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts where various film courses are taught as acting, directing, cinematography, editing, photography, scriptwriting, and advanced film making.                     


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