Script Writing Courses: Tips and Advice From The Experts

Script Writing

Are you looking for the best scriptwriting course in Kolkata? Can you write a script for my film? Well, you may have been asked this quite often in case you are capable of writing some creative stuff like novels, stories, poems, dramas, etc. In that case, did you get any second thoughts running down your mind like, ‘ah maybe or maybe not’? And guess what, you step down from an opportunity. Ok, it’s justified well enough for that it may not have been a good gesture on accepting that offer when you are not sure to do justice with the script. That’s cool enough as perhaps even the greatest musicians around may not have equally mastered all musical instruments available on the planet. But you feel like if ‘I could do so’? That’s great, institutions and schools are there to help you learn all about script writing. It’s a process of knowing the grammar and form of the medium well, to be able to come up with a good script from any source available. Script lays the base of a film and thus needs strong roothold, thus capable of mounting the whole film on its back and keeping it erect. And as you know, that good scripts are graciously accepted as there is a lot of demand in the film industries for it. As because script writing is one such a medium which is the sole of film making, it is required for a scriptwriter to know all other departments of the film and how do they all complement a script and vice-versa. These include acting, directing, cinematography, editing, photography and so on. One of such good institutes in the market ready to offer you a comprehensive course on script writing is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts, where you get to know all aspects of the subject in detail. Moreover, students of all departments in this institute come up together with important sessions where they get to understand the applications and essence of each other both aesthetically and practically.

script writing

Here are a few reasons why people choose to study scriptwriting and take up the same as a profession as well:

  • It is a high form of art.
  • A creative life with high income.
  • The good script gets rewarded in award functions which give the writer recognition.
  • Huge demand in the market for good scripts.
  • For the passion and love towards writing.


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