Short Films Are Made in Abundance

From the time of digitalization in the film world, things have changed drastically. Earlier when celluloid was the only medium to make a film and project it accordingly, the scenario was different. Nowadays, when both industries of cinema and television are going through the period of digitalization certain things have evolved as well as changed. Costs incurred in making films on celluloid, while shooting, editing, distributing and projecting all were more expensive as compared to present days as all these things can be done digitally now and in great quality. However, due to the provision and opportunity of shooting too many N.G. shots or excessive shots be it needed or not in digital cameras without having incurred any more currency as compared to the celluloid days where these costs were huge, prevention must be taken and such instances should not be tolerated as it can waste time schedules and thus wasting money. Another thing that has been immensely popular nowadays is the video sharing sites where numerous short films are uploaded by their makers and what reaches the audiences all over the world and that too in a single digital platform. Moreover, there is a good provision to make good earnings through it in the sharing sites and popularity, recognition all are quite achievable.

Film festivals dedicated to only short films are also increasing from time to time which also does open great opportunity and motivation for more short films to be made. Recognition, popularity, award, and money all can be achieved. But to do so the quality of the film needs to be of very good as the competition is also increasing quite largely. One of the most concerns is the quality of the films. Yes, some films made are very good but most of these films lack in quality. It is good that due to the increase in the number of short film productions the artists and the technicians are also increasing in numbers and they are getting a platform to show their talent and work, but it won’t be fruitful if the quality gets falling with the proportion of increasing quantity. There is only one solution to this issue and that is proper education and training which can help aspiring short filmmakers, actors and technicians of other departments to get the best results and that they can make films with great quality. One such institution is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts where various film courses are taught like acting, direction, editing, cinematography, photography, scriptwriting and, advanced film making.      


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