Short Films Are Not That Easy to Make

Nowadays in the digital age, there is hype in the popularity of short films. Moreover, with provisions of video sharing sites and short film festivals the technicians, makers, and artists have opportunities to earn a good income, get popularity, being recognized and show talent. With such great probabilities, there are a huge number of people who are coming into short films and this number is increasing day by day. However, the feature films and the television mega serials have an industry of its own, which are sometimes regional like in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bihar, Punjab, etc. and national one also likes that of Bollywood in Mumbai. But parallel to these industries there is this short film market that is growing extensively.

Moreover, these short films shared or uploaded in the video sharing sites get to reach audiences all over the world in a single digital platform, thus getting great exposure. However, short films though being of quite short in length as compared to feature film lengths many people might have a notion of short films to be rather easy to make which is not right. Yes, feature films and mega serials might invest heavily in different departments from that of a high-end camera to costly VFX and from high paid star actors to expensive promotional activities and take several days or perhaps years in many cases to complete a feature film, but it is not wise because of these reasons to think that, short films are rather easy to make. No, actually it isn’t. Short films may be of small in duration and may take lesser days to complete and also importantly incurs very less budget to invest, but on the contrary, one needs to understand that it is not that easy to tell a story in a very short span of screen time and it needs some hard work and efficiency in doing so. Actors, technicians and the makers all need to work efficiently and give their best in order to make a great short film. Yes, it will yield the best results possible if these talents involved in short films have got proper training and education from a film institution.

Learning from a good institution helps the cause to a greater extent. Such an institution is the International Institute of Film and Fine Arts where various film courses are taught like acting, direction, editing, cinematography, photography, scriptwriting and, advanced film making.                   


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