The Cheapest Way to Learn Acting Course From IIFFA

Who said Mumbai is the only city in India to find a potential acting training center? Have you tried your hands at the acting course in Kolkata? Well, if you just said no, let me take you through an awesome training center that will help you to pursue your dream career at the best suitable prices that too in the ‘City of Joy.’

A lot of people assume that finding a potential acting course in Kolkata is not easy. But with IIFFA it’s not that at all. This institute provides an amazing faculty to train students in acting and help them to build themselves into fine and capable actors soon.

This best acting course center will guide you into acting like a pro and help you reach to the stars in no time. Are you ready for this one?

Acting course

IIFFA is famous for its fine acting course that has been opted for by many students in the years. This acting course here is provided for 6 months within which students are exposed to incredible acting skills with the help of various topics. These acting classes take place during Saturdays and Sundays and the fee is as low as Rs.20,000.

During this period of training, students will have to clear three semesters that will be training students about different topics in each. When they clear all of these semesters, they will be exposed to job placements which will help them to pursue their dream job without wandering from one place to another.

What will be offered?

Students will be trained about the history of acting voice modulation, speech therapy and a lot more in the initial semester of their training. This will help them to learn the basics of acting and prepare themselves for innate skills. This way they will pave way for sharpening their talented skills better.

In the second semester, students will be trained about various camera angels, imagination exercises, fitness acts, song picturization and a lot more. This period is very interesting as they are made to penetrate deeper into the realm of acting.

By the time, the last semester arrives, students will have completed 80% of their acting training and now it will be time for polishing the skills. Here, students will be engaged in practical projects in acting, they will also have to give theory exams and study screening and acting analysis to mark the conclusion to their syllabus.

Contact today!

If you have the zest in yourself to become an actor, why wait? Come join IIFFA today and fulfill your career dreams easily. Students will also be provided with certificates once the training session is over.

This acting course will be a fun-filled ride for all students which they will surely relish throughout. Between all of this, they will also get opportunities to make new contacts as they engage will different people daily. Don’t miss out on this. It can go big! So what are you waiting for?


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