About Us

Sanjib Sadhukha

When I came to work in this Industry I found many newcomers are lacking because of a few things. First High course fee, second honest working and third opportunity after completing the course. To implement all these three criteria IIFFA took birth. As because of these reasons the course fees have been set according to everyone's hold up. This is the reason the course fees of this institute is 1/10th of other standard film institute’s.

Now the question arises how it is possible? The reason is it is a production house come institute. Here we make telefilms, feature films, docu-films, ad-films, music videos and different live projects. The students participate in such activities which is itself their practical classes. Also the institute provides full technical support like camera, lights etc. Secondly, the thing is "honestly working. We should always remember a famous person is not necessarily a good teacher so we appointed efficient faculties with proper qualifications & teaching skills. They, with their skill, judge their quality to reach the height of limit. Thirdly, the most important is the placement.

For this reason we have our own placement cell, which helps the students in developing their career as a media professional. On the other hand we have our "Golden Eye Production" which given opportunity to all students as per their efficiency. According to us these three criteria, is fulfilled by IIFFA and it has become a bright star to shaping the future of many media professionals. Many of our students are scattered in the entire media world. So don't be late, join IIFFA and fulfil your dreams as a successful media professional.

Sanjib Sadhukha
Director, IIFFA